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0.80 out

0.80 for Windows is out. Get it from the downloads section. I don't reccomend upgrading to 0.80 if you're running GOFaststats - .71 will be easier to use. For the rest of you, try out FastConfig, included with the new installer.

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0.80 in a few days [ Posted March 31, 2002 ]

I've decided to freeze the code for 0.80. All I have left to do it write the documentation and the Windows versions are done. I still have to install Linux to make sure it builds. Earliest the Linux version will be up is this weekend. The CVS repository will get updated as soon as the Linux version is tested. The Windows version now has a gui config generator. The next version I'll write a version using qt so I can have a gui for both Linux and Windows. There are a few feature additions in 0.80, but the majority of the work was done to the code to accomdate plugins for everything.

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Testing . . . [ Posted February 23, 2002 ]

Roger Chin speaking - I helped pkw write FastStats in the early days - but then I stopped playing CS and got bored with it. I'm just dropping a note to say that I"ve picked it up again. I'm going the feature requests and such right now. The next version of FastStats will have FTP support - FastStats will be able to automatically upload all the stats generated to a seperate web server. Other features are up in the air right now, but I'm currently working on a very simple configuration file generator, and looking into ripping out the Windows GUI. I need some log files to do some testing with, so any server admins willing to donate 50+mb of log files would be appreciated - just remember to strip out the RCON lines unless you don't care that I know your RCON password. Send an email to, or post a link in the forums (which I will be registering an account with in a minute). Please remember to compress them.

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Version 0.71 Released [ Posted December 04, 2001 ]

Version 0.71 is finally released! This includes some important fixes, especially for the Windows version. I think that I fixed the problem people were experiencing on Windows 9x/Me. Please download the new version and test it out. Thanks a lot to agraham for help with this release. You can download the new version here:

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Updated 0.7 RPMs [ Posted October 16, 2001 ]

I have released new RPMs for version 0.7 that fix some serious problems with the way it was packaged before (forgot to include some libraries). Please download the new RPMs here:

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Version 0.7 Released [ Posted October 5, 2001 ]

I have released the final version of 0.7 today. You can download it here:

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